Healthcare Consultancy 

Working side-by-side with you, drawing on my experience, expertise, skills, tools, and data, we can solve any kind of business challenge. 

If you are ready to have a trusted partner to make a difference in what matters most to your organization, contact me!

As a Certified Healthcare Quality Professional® (CPHQ) by the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) {certification ID #00326452 expires 31 December 2021}I work with clients to ensure compliance with established goals and objectives, standards and accreditation. 

As a result of my training and experience, my work with clients enables them to :

  • develop strategic and operational roles in management and leadership
  • conduct information management, including design and data collection, measurement and analytics, and communication
  • create quality measurement and performance improvement, including planning, implementation and evaluation, and training; and 
  • organize strategic and operational tasks in patient safety.

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Healthcare quality competencies are more important than ever.
As a director with the American Academy & Board for Regenerative Medicine – Middle East & North Africa (AABRM-MENA), we empower and enable healthcare professionals to advance their skills and training, expand their leadership, and innovate their healthcare practice.

AABRM-MENA is expanding the field of Regenerative Medicine in the Middle East and North Africa regions for the purpose of causing the most powerful and effective health treatments and outcomes available. We offer programs for education, training, professional development and networking in Regenerative Medicine designed to increase knowledge, experience, and competency; to support the harmonization of policies and regulations globally; and to ensure the safety and soundness of practices, procedures, and methodologies