Empowerment Training & Coaching

Whether you are an executive, manager, supervisory, team leader, entrepreneur, parent, student or someone else, my commitment is that you have power and freedom as a leader in life. My biggest passion is empowering leadership, through coaching, consulting, and/or training. 

If you are ready to feel like a gladiator, contact me!

As a highly trained leader, empowering people and their organizations in being effective, efficient, and engaged; I am an American living in Dubai with several years experience in the healthcare and quality management sector in the UAE and neighboring countries. 

I provide operational and management coaching for organizations and individuals, identifying problems and solutions and gaps in experience for staff and systems performance improvement. I design, implement, and evaluate training programs to fulfill on organizational objectives. As a course director with Informa Connect Middle East I facilitate learning experiences, including Leadership Effectiveness for Managers, Empowering Women in Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Communications, Crisis Management and Communication, and several healthcare related courses.

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Pam's latest course starts in November! Valuing Diversity: Creating the Respectful Workplace